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" Women's Studies Center WSC held the fifith lecture from the series of qualitative research methodologies lectures titled "Critical Disclosure Analysis

  • 01.06.2020

The Women's Studies Center WSC at Faculty of Education at the Islamic University, IUG, held the fifith lecture from the series of qualitative research methodologies lectures (qualitative research); titled "Critical Disclosure Analysis ". The  lecture  organized in collaboration with university of Graz, UniGraz, students within the framework of the She-GE project. The lecturer  provided by  Dr. Markus Rheindorf- University of Vienna. 

The lectures attended by senior staff members including Prof. Elyan AL Holy, Vice President for academic Affairs, Prof. Ibrahim AL Astal, Dean of faculty of Education, Dr. Anwar Abadsa, deputy dean, in addition to the She-GE staff namely, Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga, the project manager, Ms. Amani Al Mqadma- project assistant manager and Ms. Reem Al Afifi - project coordinator, the WSC director, Dr. Somya Sayma in addition to academic staff members from different faculties and Ministry of Women affairs. 

Where Dr. Markus indicated in his lecture, that CDA highlights the substantively linguistic and discursive nature of social relations of power in contemporary societies. This is partly the matter of how power relations are exercised and negotiated in discourse. It is fruitful to look at both ‘power in discourse’ and ‘power over discourse’ in these dynamic terms Furthermore, he defines the "Discourse" as the totality of meaningful/signifying practices of a social group (e.g. society or social field within a society) on a given topic (e.g. refugees) and the meaning of "Social Reality" is the shared, collective experience of reality by a social group (e.g. society) of a given aspect of the real (e.g. refugees arriving and living in Austria) 

The lecture organized as a full day events starting from 10: 00 am till 3: 00 pm Gaza time. The first two hours were devoted to lecturing, whereas the remaining were devoted to questions and group discussions from the UniGraz students as well as participants at IUG.