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Women's Studies Center (WSC) organized the sixth international lecture entitled" Family, Work and Gender: Theoretical and empirical perspectives"

  • 04.11.2019

Women's Studies Center (WSC) at IUG organized the sixth international lecture entitled" Family, Work and Gender: Theoretical and empirical perspectives",  in cooperation with the University of Graz (UniGraz) in Austria Via Skype within the framework of the APPEAR funded project titled: Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equality – (SHE_GE). 

The lecture was presented Dr. Jana Mikats, research associate at the Department of Sociology in the research area "Sociology of Gender & Gender Studies.   The lecture was attended SHE-GE team, WSC team and interested faculty and students from IUG and Graz university.

This lecture focused on presenting different perspectives, both theoretical and empirical, on the issue of family, work and gender.  Dr. Mikats focused firstly on the various social interpretations of the concept of family and its relation to gender. Then she touched upon different approaches that describe the relationships between paid work and family life, in which a problem often occurs.

The second part of the lecture, Dr. Mikats, focused on home-based work as a specific interrelation between family life and paid work.  She, at the end of the lecture referred to her research entitled " When Home Becomes a Workplace " which examines the daily practices of family life in the context of domestic work in the creative industries in Austria.  She presented the methodology and some preliminary results of the research project.  The lecture ended with discussions in both sides.