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Women's Studies Center held the second international lecture entitled "Islamic Feminism"

  • 11.08.2018

Women's Studies Center (WSC) held the second international scientific meeting entitled "Islamic Feminism", in cooperation with the University of Graz in Austria Via Skype technology, with the participation of professors and students from the University of Graz, the lecture presented by Dr. Nadia Jones Gilani - University of Graz, Austria. With the presence of a delegation of the ministry of women's Affairs and a number of faculty members interested in the field of gender.

The meeting reviewed the Islamic feminist movement and focused on the efforts to build and dismantle Islamic feminism as a field of analysis and application in the lives of Muslim women.

The meeting tackled the basic principles that are discovered in the context of the Islamic feminist movement, beginning with the possibility of a feminist based on Islam, and in what ways there is an "Islamic" form of women's practice specifically? Why should an "Islamic question" be raised in a feminist context can reveal the multiple meanings of the rapprochement between Islam and feminism as the greatest influence in the lives of Muslim women?