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Developing the strategic Plan for the Women's Studies Center stakeholders' workshop.

  • 04.15.2018

Funded by APPEAR programme

Developing the strategic Plan for the Women's Studies Center stakeholders' workshop.

On the sidelines of the Women's Studies Center inauguration funded by APPEAR programme and with presence of representative from the community different sectors who are active in the field of women issues, a workshop was organized to develop the strategic plan for the center.

The workshop agenda included introductory word provided by Dr. Khitam AL Sahaar- the Women's Studies Center Director, followed by presentation by Mrs. Amani Al Mqadma – Head of International Relations Department- about the Women situation in Palestine and the role of higher education institutions in women empowerment. Whereas the third part included groups work to identify the main opportunities and threaten that may face the center in addition to the identification of the community needs that can be provided by the center in the field of Women research and education programmes. In her introductory word, Dr. Khitam Al Sahhar, indicated that the aim of the workshop is to engage the local community representatives in the development of the center strategies to create synergies between different actors in the community in the field of Women education and research.

Moreover, Mrs. Amani indicated that Palestinian women issues need to be studied and analyzed to provide the decision makers with scientific bases for the women issues solutions. In addition, Mrs. AL Mqadma pointed to the fact that even though there are registered and accredited several universities and higher education institutions in Gaza strip, but there is no Women studies center or programme offered by these institutions. She added this lack of such center was the main justification of the establishment of the Women's studies Center to bridge a gap and cover a need for the community.

During their discussion, the groups from the community representatives highlighted the importance of the center establishment and great role that can be led by the center in the field of women studies and educational programme. They suggested the center to take into consideration several areas that need to be serve by the center including: raising awareness among youth about women rights, providing the community with specialized people in the field of women, developing roadmap for women issues research areas in addition to the creation of national repositories in the field of women studies and research.