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IUG inaugurates Women's Studies Center

  • 04.15.2018

Funded by APPEAR programme

IUG inaugurates Women's Studies Center

Within the framework of APPEAR funded project" Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equality" SHE_GE, IUG inaugurated the Women's Studies Center under the auspices of her Highness Dr. Haifaa AL Agha, Minister of Woman Affairs.  IUG represented by Prof. Salem Hiless – Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammed Abushgair Dean of faculty of Education, Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga – SHE-GE project manager whereas Ministry of Women Affairs was represented by Mrs. Amira Haron – Assistant Deputy Minister for Ministry of Woman Affairs.   

The inauguration was attended by representatives from the Palestinian community including Deputy Minister for Ministry of Culture, representatives from Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Women Affairs, Palestinian Higher education institutions in Gaza, private sector, International organizations and the university staff.  Almost 100 person were present at the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Prof. Salim Hilles emphasized that the Women's Studies center will be supported with required resources and staff to launch a specialized master degree programme in the field of Women Studies. He also pointed that the partnership established with University of Graz is to strengthen Women's equalities in Palestine.

"The center, which is established at the Islamic university of Gaza, will be managed by faculty of education as one of its 5 centers to provide the community with specialized services," commented by Prof. Mohammed Abushagir.

"To be the first of its kind in Gaza strip- Palestine, the center was established by following IUG strategic direction and policies  that aims at providing the community with specialized and unique services" Prof. Sanaa indicated during her speech . Moreover she pointed to different and variety of challenges that faces the Palestinian woman.  Whereas Mrs. Amira Harron pointed to the different strategies and policies undertaken by Ministry of Woman Affairs to support Palestinian woman rights and to support her active participation in the community.

Thanking the Islamic university of Gaza and IUG team precisely Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga and Mrs. Amani Al Mqadma, Graz team started their words in the inauguration that was videotaped.  Graz team namely Prof. Libora, Dr. Brigitte, Ms. Jana and Mrs. Edith Lanser are very proud of being partner in this success and achievement of the project.  Prof. Libora started her words pointing that the SHE-GE project was selected in a competition between 40 projects by APPEAR programme. Prof. Libora was very excited when she pointed to the reviewers’ reports about the project as challenging, Excellent, Promising and Important.

It's worth mentioning that the Women's Studies Center is designed to lead the educational and research activities in the field of Woman and Gender in Gaza strip.