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The project manager - Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga from IUG conducted an academic visit to Austria

  • 01.30.2018

Within the framework of the APPEAR programme and the project titled" Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equality – SHE_GE" which is coordinated by Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) in partnership with University of Graz (UniGraz),  Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga conducted an academic visit to the UniGraz on the period of January 6-12, 2018.

The visit programme encompassed a range of academic meetings and scientific activities.  It started with a tour at UniGraz then meeting with the Austrian project team at UniGraz Prof. Libora Oates-Indruchova and Dr. Brigitt Holzner, Jana Mikats; then meeting Prof. Katharina Scherke, Deputy Head of Sociology Department following with networking lunch with Prof. Wolfgang Benedek expert from the European Training & Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. The 1st day schedule ended with meeting with Dr. Barbara Hey from the Coordination Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and Equal Opportunity in addition to meeting with the Working Group for Gender Equality at the UniGraz.  Prof. Aboudagga was informed with the effective policies, actions and activities being implemented at UniGraz with regard to supporting women and gender equality.

In the 2nd day of her visit programme, Prof. Aboudagga visited the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences central library and performed internal discussion about the library policy for women's and gender studies.  Significantly, Prof. Aboudagga has delivered a public lecture titled "Coping strategies of Palestinian women in Gaza" at the NGO of Frauenservice where audience were given a chance to make inquiries.

Whereas the 3rd day of the programme included visiting the Equal Opportunity Office in Graz city and holding discussion with Dr. Elke Lujansky-Lammer about the office support to women in general especially with regard to the private sector and areas of interventions. In addition, Prof. Aboudagga has participated in seminar titled "Human Rights and CEDAW with Justice " provided Dr. Lilian Hofmeister that was organized by UniGraz with coordination with the IUG via skype.  Many detailed issues and procedures with regard to the CEDAW committee were discussed.

Part of the 4th day of the visit was devoted to the project planning and monitoring activities where the project team discussed implemented, future activities and the reflections of Prof. Aboudagga’s visit.  Throughout the day, Prof. Aboudagga met Prof. Klamler, Vice Dean of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, in which some of the administrative procedures have been discussed for postgraduate programs as well as the possible ways for academic cooperation.

Finally, the academic visit was concluded in Vienna by meeting Dr. Vera Jauk from Gender Mainstreaming Office at Women's Ministry in Austria where the policies of the Ministry were presented and discussed with regard to gender equality at Austria.   Besides, a visit was conducted to APPEAR programme office and meeting was held with  Dr. Obrecht, the Head of APPEAR program and the office team, to discuss APPEAR projects at IUG and related procedures and guidelines for project management. 

What really matters is that the academic visit was productive and successful as it shows how Austrian laws, policies and activities were linked at the different levels in the different institutions to support women issues.  Moreover, the visit strengthened collaboration between IUG, UniGraz and APPEAR programme.