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IUG held a workshop on 'Empowering Women and Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions'

  • 12.11.2016


The Islamic University of Gaza held a workshop entitled "Identifying the needed Procedures and Resources for Enhancing Higher Education Institutions in Women & Equality Field". This is part of the project of improving the capacities of Palestinian higher education institutions in this field which is funded by the Austrian APPEAR program. The meeting was attended by a number of academics from the Islamic University, a number of academics working in the field of Women and Gender Equality from Graz University, and representatives of other universities and of the Ministry of Women.

Prof. Sanaa Abou-Dagga, project coordinator, highlighted the importance of this project in forging an effective partnership with Graz University in the field of women's empowerment. She also pointed to the project’s role in providing the necessary support for women, and in spreading real understanding of woman and gender  issues in different cultural contexts.



Graz university team and the Appear gender specialist presented different Gender related topics, management education, pluralism and equality.  As for IUG, a number of presentations on ‘Women in the Palestinian institutions’, ‘IUG’s experience in the field of Women and Gender Equality’ and ‘Women’s situation in light of the current challenges’ were given. Both of the teams, Graz’s and IUG’s, discussed the different issues that were presented in the workshop. In addition, they acknowledged the importance of making a study on the higher education institutions’ needs, in Gaza, to determine their capacity in the field of Women and Gender Equality. Studying the different activities is also required to satisfy these needs.  A time plan was drawn up for preparing an integrated proposal aiming at ‘Strengthening Higher Education Institutions' Capacities in the field of Women and Gender Equality’. This is  to be handed over to APPEAR program as part of the academic partnership. It is worth mentioning that a visit to Graz University is being prepared for by the project’s staff.