The Project  /  Outcomes/ Results

The expected results of the (SHE-GE) project are expected in the institutional, educational and scientifically levels as following:



  • Establishment of a Women’s and Gender Studies Centre at IUG, developed by existing IUG staff.
  • Anchoring the IUG as a professional institution in woman and gender expertise in Gaza.
  • Designing a new full MA programme in the field of Women’s & Gender Studies.
  • Significant staff expertise in Women’s & Gender Studies of knowledgeable female lecturers and researchers.
  • Enhanced staff expertise in programme design, planning and management of gender-equality / equity policies.
  • Library facilities, including availability of online courses in Women’s & Gender Studies.
  • Permanent platform for sustainable partner cooperation between IUG and KFUG and fertile exchange between academic staff.
  • Enhanced understanding about women’s and gender issues in different cultures and different socio-economic and political circumstances.
  • National and regional networking among women’s and gender studies institutions within Gaza and the West Bank, and Jordan.
  • International networking between Palestine and Austria continues a long-lasting tradition.

Educationally and Scientifically

  •  Enrolled teaching staff from IUG at KFUG for a postgraduate module in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.
  •  Enhanced capacity for international teaching and student exchange at KFUG by developing an English-language postgraduate module within the existing structure of the MA in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at KFUG: face-to-face and distance versions.
  •  Acquiring the knowledge of basic, demand-driven literature in gender studies (international, regional, national) at IUG and production of  ananthology of these texts in Arabic language.
  • Development of state-of-art curricula in gender theories, concepts and methods at IUG.
  •  Enhanced teaching capacity by IUG staff concerning the basics of Women’s & Gender Studies.
  • Enhanced research capacity at IUG in social science oriented Women’s & Gender Studies focusing on problem-oriented thematic areas.
  • 6-8 MA theses (3-4 “mirror” projects) at IUG and KFUG.
  • A reflexive research paper by IUG and KFUG faculty on the “mirror MA theses” as a pedagogical tool.
  • Enhanced public awareness of women’s & gender issues in Gaza and enhanced awareness of the challenges confronting women in Palestine in the KFUG community