The Consortium  /  Project Team


IUG Staff

Prof. Sanaa Aboudagga

Project Manager


Professor Aboudagga is a professor of education in the area of research and evaluation, working at the IUG since 1999. She got her M.A. & Ph. D. from Iowa State University. She is currently the assistant of IUG Vice-President of Research Affairs and Graduate Studies. She is a board member of the several National Palestinian committees related to education change and development. She participated in the evaluation of several academic programs at the National and Arab levels. In the field of international projects, Prof. Sanaa has managed and supervised several successful projects funded by international organizations i.e. Silatech, NORWAC, MEPI, etc.. She has several researches in the field of evaluation, community development, woman issues and quality in education published in referee journals and respected conferences.

Mrs. Amani Al Mqadma

Managerial Project Assistant

Mrs Amani Al Mqadma has Master degree in Business of Administration,currently has the position of Academics Partnerships Officer since 2011 at the international relations affairs at IUG. Mrs. Al Mqadma has extensive experiences in managing and coordinating international collaborative projects. Currently, Mrs. AL Mqadma is representing IUG for the Co-coordination for International Development projects for Erasmus Mundus A2: Phoenix and HERMES projects (2013-2017), advisor for International Development projects (collaborativecapacity building and scientific projects Erasmus+ CBHE (2015-2018). In addition, she has participated in several university committees i.e University Strategic Plan Preparation consultancy team member, and a consultancy team member for the Institutional Assessment.

Miss Reem Alafifi


Reem Al Afifiholds a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Currently, she is the administrator of SHE-GE project. In addition, she worked as TeachingAssistant for one academic year 2016/2017 as a result of receiving the Best student award when she graduated in 2016, and an honor awards during her four years study at IUG. Simultaneously, she nominated to work with external consultancy team for UNDP whichwas a great opportunity to work with experts. Moreover, she earned a reputation among the team for ensuring product satisfaction"reports, assessment tools, field visits and progress reports and etc."

Dr. Manal Al Ashi

Lecturer & Researcher


Dr. Manal Alashy is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sharia and law - IUG. She graduated from Cairo University in 2014 from Sharia and Law college. She is a member of several committees that deal with woman issues and also her research and academic interests are related to this. She published many researches in field. Currently, she supervises a master thesis titled: "CEDAW agreement and the position of the Islamic law to it". She has several academic activities related to women's issues.


Dr. Khitam AL Sahhar

Lecturer & Researcher


Dr. Khetam El-Sahaar is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, IUG. She got her Ph.D. from Al-Azher University in Cairo in 2010. Her PhD dissertation titled "Cognitive – emotional - behavioural program to enhance the role of Palestinian women in political participation". She worked in Ministry of Woman Affairs from 1997 to 2007. She is a member in many woman organizations and committees. She had many research contributions in conferences, workshops, training and scientific days related to women's issues. Her research interests are linked to woman issues.


Graz Staff

Dr. habil.LiboraOates-Indruchová

Project Coordinator and lecturer



Prof. Dr. Libora Oates-Indruchovaspecializes in cultural and gender studies and holds a full professorship in the Department of Sociology at Uni Graz. She has two decades of teaching experience in gender studies at Czech, Hungarian and Austrian universities. She was involved in the institutionalization of gender studies in the Czech Republic: she worked for an educational women’s NGO and participated in the development of several university degree programmes, as well as edited two anthologies of original Czech translations of key feminist theoretical texts; both these books now belong to standard textbooks in gender studies courses in the Czech Republic. Her research focuses mainly on issues of state socialism and post-socialist transition and was published, for example, in Slavic Review, Signs, Europe-Asia Studies, Men & Masculinities, Aspasia, and Czech Sociological Review.


Dr. Brigitte Holzner

Managerial Project Assistance


Dr. Phil. Brigitte Holzner psychologist and development sociologist. She was coordinator of a cooperative social science teaching and research project between Leiden University/Netherlands and Brawijaya University/Indonesia, was convenor and senior lecturer of the MA specialization 'Women, Gender & Development' as well as Chair of the MA Coordination Committee at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague/Netherlands. She worked as gender advisor to the Austrian Development Agency and to the European Rule of Law Mission Eulex in Kosovo. Also, she has experience with NGOs: she was president of the international Network WIDE for women's rights and feminist perspectives. Her publications cover a.o. topics of gender-oriented methodology, governance, rural development, reproductive health, and she has co-authored Women, Work and Social Change. Introduction into Women's Studies for Indonesian universities. Currently she works fee-lance.


Jana Mikats

Project Assistant and lecturer


Jana Mikats, a doctoral student of sociology. She specializes on the sociology of the family and teaches sociological perspectives of gender at Uni Graz. She has considerable experience in project and syllabi development