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Gender Studies Lecture Series

First Lecture

Gender, Conflict and Peacebuilding: An Introduction

Dr. Brigitte Holzner-University of Graz

4thOctober 2018

Second Lecture

Islamic Feminisms

Dr. Nadia Galiani-Jones - Central European University Budapest

8th November 2018

Third Lecture

Doing Research under Occupation –Knowledge Production in and about Palestine"

Dr.Helmet Krieger - University of Vienna

21st November 2018

Fourth Lecture

Girls Lives in an Area of Child Rights

Dr. Bernadette Knauder -European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy

13th December 2018

Fifth Lecture

Gender Issues in Social Participation of Refugees:
Experiences from the Gaza Strip

Dr. Gudrun Kramer - Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

14th February 2019

Sixth Lecture

Family,Work and Gender: Theoretical and empirical perspectives

Dr. Jana Mikats - University of Graz

11th April 2019