1. To give the best education and training in medical and health-related sciences to medical students, doctors and paramedical personnel.

2. To promote preventive health measures and spread a health-oriented culture in the society.

3. To provide to our society high-quality primary, secondary and tertiary medical services.

4. To establish a firm base for scientific research, and to perform research that is of benefit to the local society and internationally.

5. To help students develop skills of self-learning and analytic thinking.

6. To help develop solutions to the local endemics and health problems peculiar to our society.

7. To equip our graduates with the tools to become leaders in their fields and to lead their communities.

8. To offer consultative medical services of the best quality and based on excellent knowledge.

9. To ooperate with the other medical faculties and institutions towards the unification and integration of medical standards and specialties so that services are brought up to the best possible level.