Staff of the faculty are involved in a continuous and integrated process to develop the educational process and offer to its students the best service achievable. Therefore, the faculty has organized several committees to take charge of these responsibilities, including:

The scientific research committee, concerned with promoting and organizing the culture of scientific research among staff and students of the faculty. It also works to find ways to secure funding for student research, and to introduce clinical audits as a key element during their clinical studies.

The committee of evidence-based medicine "EBM", which works with governmental and non-governmental organizations, locally and internationally, to gradually enforce the role of EBM in clinical practice.

Continuous medical education. Through courses, workshops and projects, this committee is set to update medical knowledge among local medical staff, and to help them improve their knowledge and practice.

The social committee, which is mainly concerned with social aspects of the lives of members and students of the faculty.

External relations committee, which represents the faculty to the outside world through communication and participation in international events. This committee is also involved in the work of the other committees as it is responsible for coordination with outer parties and fellow faculties.

The IT committee.

The laboratory committee, entrusted with running, maintaining and upgrading the Faculty's laboratories.