Faculty of Medicine was established at the Islamic University in Gaza in 2006.
Two batches are graduated from the faculty. The number of current students that studies in the faculty of medicine are 170 male and 175 female students which allows Palestinian girls to study medicine in Gaza, where it was very difficult for them in the past to travel outside Gaza to learn medicine because of the social conditions and the conditions of the suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip.
Despite the novelty of the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University in Gaza, the college has been able to influence the course of medical education and health care in the Gaza Strip particularly when the college has established the first Center for Evidence based medicine in Palestine.

As the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University has become the first and the only center for an international medical exam “IFOM”
The Faculty of Medicine will complete of the creation of the largest teaching hospital in Palestine (Palestinian Turkish Friendship Hospital ) , which is a quantum leap in the history of medical teaching in Palestine.
The faculty have contributed to the establishment of what is called telopathology unit which is one of the high-end systems in the world in the field of remote diagnosis and study of samples.

It also has contributed in sending many doctors abroad to obtain graduate degrees in various medical specialties
It seeks to meet to international standards of medical and has succeeded in obtaining a confession American Foundation for the teaching of medical and scientific research FAIMER and also got a confession British Medical Council GMC