Until the time being, The Islamic University's School of Medicine remains the one and only qualified center in Palestine where the IFOM International Medical Exam is administered.

The exam is issued by the International Foundation of Medicine which is a sub-institute of the National Board for Medical Examination. The National Board for Medical Examination is the institute in charge of administering the USMLE exams that are required for medical qualification in the United States of America.

The Islamic University is one of the first 6o institutes around the world to bring in the IFOM exam. The exam is completely computerized and is administered under high security measures as demanded by the IFOM institute. It is arranged in cooperation with the IT Unit at the Islamic University, and dozens of alumni and students from the Faculty as well as local and international schools have had the test.

Over the last three years, alumni of the Islamic University's School of Medicine have shown excellent performance in the IFOM exam. Their average score was higher than scores of thousands applicants who have taken the same exam around the world, and with some scores were higher than the 99th percentiles registered for their respective years.


Jehad H. Hammad, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine

E-mail: jhhammad@iugaza.edu.ps