Graduate Professional Diploma in Child Health and Nutrition for Physicians (DCHN)

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Objectives :

  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes suitable for independent practice appropriate to the provision of primary and advanced health care for children.
  • To provide a learning program for development of knowledge relevant to common and important health requirements for children especially nutritional aspect.
  • To build skills appropriate to the provision of health care for children
  • To develop an appreciation of resources available for providing health services and nutritional care of children.

 Enrollment Requirements:

  • MBBS or equivalent.
  • Palestinian Medical Practical License.
  • Six months’ clinical practice in pediatric medicine is preferable.
  • Passing the selection examination.


Graduate specifications:

Graduates of the program are expected to achieve good standard output learning and practices, which aim to clarify and develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in the following areas:  

1.     Neonatology, normal growth and development in childhood

2.     Pediatric emergencies

3.     Common minor disorders and variations from normal health in childhood

4.     Acute illness in children

5.     Chronic disease in children

6.     Family and social requirements for the optimal health and care of children

7.     Normal feeding and nutritional requirements

8.     Common nutritional disorders, vitamin deficiencies in Palestine

9.     Nutritional care of children in special needs.

10.  Infectious disease in children, health promotion and preventive health.


Dr. Anwer Shikh Khaleel,

Arab Board in Pediatrics (C.A.B.P.) American M.S. Fellowship in Pediatrics