Graduate Professional Diploma In Anaesthesia & Intensive Care For Physicians


The Graduate Professional Diploma in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care for physicians is a unique addition to the efforts of building professional medical practice in Palestine.  It will add quality in the area of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.


The Program is designed to be completed in one year and half, taking into account the flexibility which takes the needs of the participants with fulltime job responsibilities. This flexibility enables for classes to be scheduled after official working hours and during the week.

This Diploma covers theoretical, clinical and practical information and needed skills in the field of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in order to provide a number of qualified and well- trained anesthetic-intensive care doctors to help in promoting the health system in Palestine.

The objectives are to provide a goal-directed learning program in a wide range of aspects of anaesthesia and intensive care for medical graduates whose practice may involve the area of these subjects.

The Diploma will be a good step on the way to postgraduate specialization. 



The objectives of the Program leading to the Diploma in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care for Physicians are to produce a graduate with the ability to:

1. Carry out anesthetic practice and intensive care in a safe manner to the patient, him/herself and the community.

2. Give anaesthesia to routine cases without immediate supervision.

3. Give anaesthesia for most of the emergency cases.

4. Have experience in managing patients in intensive care unit.

5. Do Basic and advanced cardiac life support correctly.

6. Have experience in acute pain management.

7. Assess complicated cases as well as routine cases and to call for help when needed.

8. Have a good attitude towards patients, colleagues, senior staff and nurse staff.

9. Have good communication skills.


Enrollment requirements:
    A candidate shall have 

- MBBS or equivalent.

- Palestinian Medical Practical License.

- One-year clinical practice is preferable.

- Passing the selection examination. 

- Candidates will normally be approved only after an interview by the Program consultant committee.


Graduates specifications:

Graduates of the program are expected to achieve good standard output learning and practices, which aim to clarify and develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in the following areas:

- Normal anatomy and physiology relevant to anaesthesia and intensive care.

- Devices and Equipment in the operation room and intensive care unit.

- Pharmacology of the anesthetic drugs and other drugs commonly used in the field of the training program.

- Knowledge and performance of the clinical skills of anesthesiology.

- Regional anaesthesia and Pain Management.

- Basic and advanced knowledge in intensive care medicine.

- Medical ethics and communication skills.

- Research methodology and presentation skills in medicine.


Program requirements:

1. Students are required to successfully complete 14 courses as specified in the academic plan.

2. Students are required to pass the comprehensive examination after completion the courses.