The Faculty of medicine at the Islamic University was the University's tenth college to be constructed, and had before that gone through a period of 10 years of work to set up with the necessary infrastructure, especially in the field of educational staff and scientific laboratories.

Standing now, 10 years after the big start, we're moving quickly towards the opening of the University Educational Hospital, which will include nearly (300) beds in various medical specialties. This hospital will be the first University Hospital in the Gaza Strip, and upon it rest great hopes to provide quality medical service and alleviate the suffering of travelling abroad for medical treatment.

Medical education in the Faculty is divided into two fundamental phases:

  • The first phase is the basic science of medicine, in which students learns the basic medical sciences during the first 3 years of their study.
  • The second phase is the teaching of clinical medicine and science and acquirement of clinical skills during another 3 years .

The faculty of medicine at the Islamic university offers education and performance with quality and learning outcomes of global standards. Ever since the inception of the faculty, we sought to make it not a mere addition to the number of medical schools in the region but a distinguished Faculty that introduces doctors with global qualifications and leadership qualities that can influence the community and formulate its future.

Our students and graduates have proven their eligibility and excellence through multiple successes at all levels, including various local and international examinations, especially the international medical USMLE and IFOM exams, as well as through the performance reports for students of the elective course or the students under exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus Mundus), in addition to a number of research papers and Audits published by the researchers of the faculty and its students at important local and international medical magazines.

Still, we strive to always be the best and to maintain our excellence and progress through regular periodic reviews of the teaching plans, and continuously incorporating what is new in the field of medicine. We care about studying the experiences of other local, regional and international medical faculties to design new forms that meet our needs and enhance our students, making them more competitive in any place they reach.

We strive to build up doctors with a noble message to spread, who are also distinctive and creative not only in medicine, but also have the knowledge and skills that qualify them to be pioneers and leaders of their community.